Deoksugung was the main palace of the Korean Empire(Daehan Empire, 1897~1910)

which was the last kingdom of Korean history.


The Korean Empire was one of the most turbulent periods in Korean history when Korea attempted to modernize.


That’ why there is a unique beauty and history that cannot be seen in any other palaces except Deoksugung Palace.


Also, the palace contains the pain of the Japanese invasion period.


So you can hear about the painful history of Korea when you visit to the Palace.


And you can glimpse the story of King Gojong, the ill-fated king

who proclaimed the Korean Empire after Joseon Dynasty(1392~1897).


*  This tour course takes around 2 hours.


*  Itinerary :

Meeting at exit 1 of city hall station

> Daehanmun gate : The main gate of Deuksugung palace

> Junghwajeon : The main throne hall

>  Seokjojeon : Western-style building

> Seokeodang : the most beloved building by King Gojong

> Hamnyeongjeon : King’s bed-chamber

> Jungkwanhun : Cafeteria

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